Consulting Services

Strategy & Implementation

Developing the strategy and implementing it together, as part of your team.

We help you design a tailor-made strategic plan in order to save time and resources.

ROI, Gross Margin & Efficiency

GLOPSER will analyse the range of products currently managed by your organization before categorizing them into groups of related products and developing product categories as business units.

Category Management consultancy will also highlight competitive advantages of each business unit alongside any inefficiencies amongst brands and suppliers within each category.

GLOPSER’s deep understanding of traditional KPIs within a supply chain allows us to provide you with an efficient and effective process to advance your category management to the next level.

Innovation, Sell Through, Forecasting & Allocation

Product management consultancy will help you develop effective strategies to increase your revenue and improve your clients’ user experience.

This service also ensures your strategic planning matches your products whilst keeping you informed of any market innovations which are likely to disrupt your business.

Product Management is closely related to pricing knowledge. Traditionally, pricing has been based on one of these three approaches: costs, competition or customers. Developing pricing proposals also considers other factors and provides tools to generate value propositions for costumers.

To remain ahead of our competitors, we must be able to develop a dynamic, segmented, and profitable pricing strategy.

The company’s warehousing and inventory management strategy are two significant points of supply chain performance and overall costs. Knowing when, how much and where to buy is sometimes a difficult dilemma for inventory managers.

Inventory management and optimization aims to define the right inventory levels to reduce your working capital thus helping to lower costs and improve service.

Our proven methodology helps to uncover the true drivers of inventory levels and develop realistic plans to provide your company with a comprehensive, sustainable approach.

Understanding demand behaviour is often a complex challenge. GLOPSER helps businesses identify areas to improve their forecasting and demand planning processes, ultimately creating a competitive advantage and a balance between supply and demand.

OTD , Fill Rate & Negotiation Skills

The aim of strategic sourcing is to analyse each supplier to assess quality, service delivery, availability, commitment, and financial conditions. This will help avoid risks, improve costs, and align purchasing power with an overall value proposition.

A combined strategic sourcing and purchasing proposition enhances efficiency and quality through the creation of a strong and diverse supply base.

Reach, Conversions & Sales

If a company, brand or product cannot be found easily, is does not exist. A good digital marketing strategy provides the right tools to make your business visible and therefore to achieve conversiones.

At GLOPSER we have integrated a whole line of digital services to complete the product life cycle: from the moment you think about it until a costumer buys it. We listen to you, analyse your situation and offer you a tailor-made marketing strategy.

Our services range from web design and optimisation to the implementation of campaigns in all media and we always follow the same goal: to achieve conversions and grow your business.

Awareness, Consideration, Action

Our society is driven by perceptions and brands represent customers’ opinions about a company’s credibility, products, reputation, and client experience. A brand strategy becomes crucial because it provides transparency about the competitive environment, market position and customer requirements.

Because of this, a strong branding strategy allows us to know our product in a more informed manner. This will ultimately reinforce procurement strategy by providing a comprehensive view and adding value from the costumers’ perspective.