InnovationWorking in building transparent process

Working in building transparent process

Successful organizations relay on trust, and trust is based on transparent processes where everyone shares the information and knowledge. Transparency is not just something you do with your mates and colleagues. When we talk about transparency we also mean to offer the right information to your customers and partners in your supply chain.

Now a days, consumers expect some kind of guidance from the brands they follow and buy goods from. Guidance regarding labor conditions, contamination and ecology, social development and a long etc. This offers an opportunity for many brands to interact with their customers and share their values and how they work to improve their lives.

Some organizations believe in sustainability and have chosen to become social responsible, talking care of the impact on the environment and using social criterias when analyzing the goods and services they acquire. Running procurement processes are evaluated and some objectives are defined, using measurable criteria of the impacts they may have. We must say that doing this, in a global economy, is not as simple as it sounds. But it is not impossible either and is one of your customers demands nowadays.

The usage of technology helps us to control and monitor our procurement processes. This also allow us to share more information about how our value chain works and how the process defined are aligned with the values shared by our most loyal customers. Specially in a moment where everything happen in real time and information spreads faster than ever. Customers, users, journalist… demand immediate information, customization and accessibility.

To become a more sustainable company, you must work with the right people and build a trustful relationship with your partners and suppliers. Finding the right professional is a key factor to redefine your internal processes and the control methodology to be sure your organization sticks to the plan.

This is not an easy way. But it is the way we must take to build a better world, giving the opportunity to more people and other business to develop and fair game and clear rules. Let us know if you are interested in improving your procurement process and accelerate the transformation of your purchase department to become more sustainable.